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On the road by Brendan Kitto

On the road by Brendan Kitto

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A5ZINE Presents On the road by Brendan Kitto
(Volume 1 Zine 2)

Photographers love to photograph their life. It's the easiest subject matter to shoot cause, well, it's your life. You just shoot what you do. With this in mind Brendan Kitto's 'On the road' is the documentation of his migration from Auckland to Whanganui. Entirely Black & White it offers a nostalgic view for anyone that has moved cities or countries and shows a artists viewpoint of small towns that we have all passed through.

On the Road documents my journey through small town Aotearoa as I did multiple road trips whilst relocating from Auckland to Whanganui. It also is a reminder that there are still many places in Aotearoa to explore.
Brendan Kitto

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